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Hi All,
   This forum is designed for VERY light touch moderation, on the basis that we can all be trusted to make sure that everyone has a pleasant visit. Therefore these "rules" are only for the avoidance of any doubt as to what is expected:

1) No profanity
2) No abuse (towards anyone or anything)
3) No discrimination against anyone using the forum, on any grounds
4) Nothing potentially libellous to be posted
5) Nothing that could reveal any personal (including but not limited to personal contact details) about any other person, whether member or non-member - feel free however to reveal anything you like about yourself
6) The moderator/webmasters word is final on what will or will not be allowed to be posted
7) Offending posts must either be immediately removed by the poster, or edited to remove the cause of offence - otherwise they will be removed in entirety by the moderator/webmaster as soon as practicable

Anyone found breaking any of the above will be asked to leave the forum and ultimately may be barred from re-entering

I hope you understand and are supportive


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